CSI Science Theme Birthday Party for Children

I receive a ton of requests for details from the CSI Party we did for Will in New Jersey on "Party Girl". On this episode we hosted a child's birthday where our "goody bags" were stolen and the kids had to solve the crime. Each child was sent to CSI training where they learned how to read clues which would later help solve the mystery.

Things you will need:
ID Card
Find any template on the computer to make an official ID card for the kids
IZone camera for small 1x1 photos for ID Badge
Lamanating machine to cover ID card
Lariats to use to hang ID cards around your neck

Finger Print Clue
Charcol Powder for finger prints
Packing Tape
Clear plastic cups

Foot Print Clue
Any kind of kid friendly paint in black
Old shoes
White paper

Secret Code
Construction paper
Alphabet Coded to corresponding numbers 1-26 (A-Z)
Invisible ink pen
black light to read ink

Goody bags "Evidence Bags"
ziploc bags
any dollar store decor for kids
Sticker or label paper from office supply store
on microsoft word print out a template that will fit on your label paper- ours was:
Glen Ridge Investigative Team (in Yellow)
then in a new box: Evidence -then about 5 lines of detail with time/date/info/location/size etc

Ransom Note (you can make your own)

Teach the kids how to find the clues you place through out your home. After each clue they must bring back the evidence to our Evidence Board. When they have found all the clues they come back to the evidence board to solve the crime.