Family Fun with a Mouse!

This weekend we were in San Francisco for my cousin's wonderful wedding. My two-year-old was a rock star! She enjoyed both flights-to and from. She adjusted to the time difference and approached all of our scheduled activities with joy. Our last day, we went out for brunch to a wonderful diner in Sausalito, Lighthouse Cafe, we ordered the Mickey Mouse pancake for Rye as a treat. I love this photo because her expression. She had no idea what to think about the pancake, was it a toy or was it food? It was just one of many great family moments we had this weekend that I wanted to share. You'll be seeing this pancake concoction made soon on !

Many thanks to my husband who played an equal part in making this a wonderful family weekend.

Next, I'll blog about travelling tips with Riley on an airplane! I'd love to hear your special tricks to entertain your children on long trips too! Please send your comments.