Spooktacular Halloween Dinner Menu

Here is my suggested dinner menu for this spooky night. My next blog will be scary decor, decor, decor!

Guests can munch on a few fingers while they wait for the main dinner...
Serve Smoked Salmon Tartare in purple fingerling potatoes
Items needed
(makes 12)
6 Peruvian fingerling potatos
1oz smoked salmon
1 tbl finely minced red onion
1tsp crème fraiche

6 purple Peruvian fingerlings (found at food stores like Whole Foods or request your local grocer to carry)
Boil for 7 minutes.
Remove from water. Place in the refrigerator to cool.
Cut potatoes in half and use a melon scoop or knife tip to scoop out the inside to make a cup.

To make the smoked salmon tartare combine the smoked salmon, red onion, crème fraiche and chives. Mix well.

Assemble with your hands to make small smoked salmon tartare balls to place in potato cup.

Serve a ghoulish first course:
We have carved out white pumpkins, called ghost pumpkins, into soup tureens. You can use any soup; we are serving a ghoulish butternut squash. This is a simple element that also adds to the décor.
Choose an 8-inch ghost pumpkin
Cut off the top, just like you were making a jack-o-lantern
scoop and clean pumpkins
Heat ready-made soup, pour into pumpkin. Garnish with a spider or crème fraishe blood droplets.

The famed NYC restaurant The Four Seasons made this dish popular and every celebrity from Martha Stewart, George Clooney and Halloween temptress Heidi Klum has been transported by their seasonal food.

Our main dish is a page straight off the table from famed chef Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo. I'm calling it -brain food a la Pasta Nera. It is black squid ink spaghetti served with sautéed shrimp. Click link above for Mario's recipe.

I've heard revenge is a dish best served cold...well I suggest serving these devilish "Sweet Revenge" "Dirty" cupcakes made with a dark chocolate truffle ganache on a Valrhona cupcake... served on a spider web cake platter from Sur la Table.
Marlo Scott, owner of Sweet Revenge suggests pairing the cupcakes with a bloody good rioja wine from Spain, the Marques de Solariego. The spices and cherry notes in this wine make the "Dirty" extra wicked. Their beer pairing is a Koppaberg pear cider.

This is a true "treat" for your guests to end your Halloween evening.