Forest Green and Ruby Red for the Holidays

My three-year-old and I often go to a really wonderful upper west side cafe in New York City, Blossom. They have fresh juice everyday, we always order the Ruby Red and Forest. It so inspired me to ask my secret Santa for a juicer this holiday. Now my family can juice at home.
I know toddlers can be picky and the Ruby Red is an amazing juice. Every little one I've let try it loves it. First, it is a reddish pink color, which is fun and second, it is made from beets which are sweet. Beets also happen to be why a red velvet cake is red. Beet sugar was originally used during WWII as a sweetener as there was a ration on refined sugar. So, beets are really really sweet. Combine them with carrots, green apple slices and a little pineapple and WOW you have a new treat that is good for you. I also happen to love the Forest juice. It is a green juice with ginger that is yummy. Plus the colors are nice for the holidays. I hope we can inspire you to try a fresh juice too!

Here's a little more about the menu at Blossom and other juice ideas.