Bridal Shower, Mother's Day and Wedding Decor Ideas

I hope these ideas add a spark to your next party and help you enjoy time with your friends and family.

Place cards:
Place cards are especially important when you gather a group of your friends together who may not all know each other. By providing everyone with names, a creative place card gives someone an opportunity to reach out and begin a conversation without waiting on an introduction from you. They also can double as d├ęcor for your special party.

Here are three place card ideas:
1: Lemons or limes
First slice a think piece off the bottom of the lemon or lime so it stand up straight. Then slice off about a half an inch off the top. Use a pairing knife and carve out half of the inside of the fruit. Add name holder stick (found at arts and craft stores) Choose your favorite small bud flowers, like hydrangea, violets, pansies and insert into fruit. Add moss or a green leaf to cover the base. I like to use Crane’s dinner name cards, but you can even make your own.

2. Macaroon Mania
I love almost anything edible so that is what the next two place cards are, yummy!
For the Macaroon place card you will need to order French Macaroons. You can find them online or in some bakeries. They come in great spring colors like purple, green and pink. All you need is stand the macaroon on its edge and gently insert the name cardholder and name card.

3. Start with Dessert (Cupcakes)
For the cupcake place card holder I choose these petal baking cups from Sur La Table. Bake your favorite cupcake; add your favorite color icing, top with a raspberry, name cardholder and name card. Enjoy.

How to create your own bud vase:

I love tulips. In our search for the perfect bud vase, we realized as we were working on the place card holders our extra limes would add a pop of color to this white entry way and hold these festive yellow tulips too!
To make, just cut a slice off the bottom so it sits flat and then slice about an inch off the top and carve about half out.

Centerpiece Topiary
You will need: Tangelos or kumquats, any green leaves, these are Israeli Ruscus leaves, 18” Styrofoam cones and any orange flower.
First attach tangelos to the Styrofoam cone with bamboo forks (these are like sturdy toothpicks). Then fill in any white holes with green leaves and flowers. Trim the flowers so there is a little stem left. You can use wire on the leaves and flowers to make it very secure, however the leaves and flowers can also just be stuck into the Styrofoam by their stems.

Here is my secret with flowers. Carnations are an amazing and affordable addition to any party IF you use them wisely. I suggest when using carnations choose one or two main colors, like below all pinks. Clean the flowers by taking off all the leaves prior to making the bouquet. I use rubber bands, tied tight near the head of the flower to hold them so close together.

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