Duh...It is all in the presentation!

Sometimes the "why" has to hit me on the head to get it. That is what happened this morning. We were dashing around our NYC apartment getting ready to leave for Sesame Place in PA. I was proud I pre-packed everything. All I had to do was get Rye, my 5-year-old, dressed, fed and send out a few work emails.

As I'm making my morning coffee, I decide to add ice and blend. Rye comes over and asks for a smoothie like mine, so I've got extra time-- I say OK! I'm so excited. I pull out strawberries, yogurt and a scoop of peach sorbet with a few cubes of ice and blend. I present to my little one and she takes one look at my hard work (key word look) and says yuck! So, I'm confident once she tastes it she'll love it - it is like healthy ice cream with a straw. Wouldn't you know it, my stubborn little one tastes about a dab of the shake and says again "I don't like the taste".

I am so annoyed! Seriously, I just went to the trouble to make this smoothie for her and she's going to waste it? I don't think so.... so I proceed to take time bribing her to drink some of this delicious treat. No go.

Fine. Deep breath. Breath in cookies, blow out candles (as she taught me). Let it go. Better she doesn't have so much liquid before we get on the road for a long drive anyway.

Then, inspiration strikes. I was so bummed to waste the smoothie, because at the very least I liked it. Well VOILA .... I can turn it into Popsicles. Yummy, fun shaped Popsicles.

And, guess who likes Popsicles? Sometimes it is in the sales pitch and presentation, even for 5-year-olds!