Age 4- The Year of the Princess

Have you all read the book "Cinderella Ate My Daughter"? It is an amazing read on the history of marketing for children...from colors for both girls and boys (pink used to be a baby boy color) to those beloved princesses. Some Disney genius who had a little girl noticed trend of dress up, and poof a new industry was born. The book really helped me to come to terms with the whole princess fad. I was one of those people, before having kids, who swore I'd never let my daughter be taken over by the princess phenomenon...uh well, then I had a daughter. She is tough, likes to climb trees and rocks, and at age 4 fell in love with princesses. So, for this special birthday we combined princesses with our favorite magician, the Amazing Max. It was a royal treat! For the cake we used a Wilton castle pan and a fresh strawberry cake! Yum. We personalized everyone's water bottles with homemade labels. Miss Christine came as Snow White and did make up for all. Everyone felt like magical royalty for a few hours!