Child of Light

Here is my thought for the day...human beings are like electric currents of light. There are switches that turn our awareness on. An example of this, from an early age, is a young child learning to read. I think adults have the same ability to shift their perception. Things needed to flip the switch:

1. Willingness
2. A Good Mentor
3. Mirroring
4. Repetition

When children begin to have the desire to read, you can engage them as a mentor and read to them, and have them read to you. It is a process that can sometimes take time, but it eventually happens.

I think this is how adults grow. It is how I grow. If I surround myself with mentors/light and have a desire for my spirit to be engaged I can shift existing ways of thinking that will evolve my being. It takes repetition, but it works!

What's the reward?
A human existence of BEING not just doing. A life of nurture and love. A place on earth filled with warm glowing molten lava yumminess... Just for starters...

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I'm jumping into the Lava and Light baby! Come with me?