Magic Monday Birthday Plan

Today is a magic Monday post and birthdays are on my mind. April is a big month to celebrate in our family. Riley was my birthday present 6 years ago, and we have a delightful new cousin who is also a Taurus. This year Rye is really helping plan her own soiree.  In the photo she is reviewing her decor choices for the Music Video Rock Party. The Oriental Trading catalog is viewed more like a magazine for pleasure in our home. She eagerly waits for its arrival to dream up her next bash (a real chip off the old block, I type, proudly). This year I've given her a small budget to choose a few special items. I'm hoping this is an early lesson in financial planning (Are you rolling your eyes right now?) I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm super excited about the theme and I hope the kids love making their own music video (a la the Junior Fresh Beats on Nick Jr.)! More party plan posts to follow!