Up In The Air Party-To-Go from my Oscar Series (Part 3 of 4)

Here's a party even George Clooney would like to attend. Welcome to our Up In The Air eco-friendly party. Thank you for flying with us today. See video here.

The idea here is to create the "scene". Set up stations around your home that are signature items you would find when flying in first class (as George Clooney does) or coach (an area I'm very familiar with).

First, add a personalized touch to your Oscar party with custom made paper luggage tags to hang on your glass or mini Moet champagne party pleaser. These were created by my talented friend Valisa Tate at Valisa Tate Design. You can create your own with card stock or heavy copy paper and use an office program like Microsoft Word. We choose the Los Angeles airport code LAX and used all the folks from Up In The Air (hoping maybe they could attend), but you could type your friends names on each one.

Create stations of food around your home that resemble First Class food trays and Coach servings (you can seat your guests into these sections too, for fun)

Have Coach serving items as pictured below. Where everything is in individual serving packages, like terra chips (the official chip of Jet Blue airlines), Annie's bunnies, peanuts, crackers. Use a cardboard box found at the container store to place these items in. Use bamboo flatware and include a package disposable sani-hands wipes under the flatware. Again these can just be props around the house to create an environment.

Have a First Class section. This should be where your heavy hors d' oeuvres are. I served mini burgers (compliments of my friends at Prohibition in NYC) and a large cheese and fruit bowl on my first class trays from Verterra. Verterra produces dinnerware all made from fallen leaves, so very eco-friendly. Also in this area, have ramekins filled with warm nuts.

If you have great luggage use it as props around your home.

Have travel hotel soaps in the bathroom.

Instead of paper towels roll up napkins or washcloths on trays to pass around, like you would find on some flights.

Find a few mini bottles of liquor for your bar display. Here is a bit of trivia. Moet was the only champagne seen in the Up In The Air Movie. So I suggest buying their Mini Moet Oscar Pack, created just for Sunday! The top of the package is just like a film canister. This makes a genius gift also!

Give guests a gift to take away that even George Clooney would love, an environmentally friendly travel kit from Eco-Tools www.eco-tools.com. Green, Clean, Go!

Thank you for flying the Celebrate Everyday skies. Please visit again soon.