Facebook: To post or not to post?

Photo: Only at BELENKY do you get Wonder Woman to examine your gems.
Facebook: To post of not to post?

How conscious are we with our social media? I recently found out I was not, so I thought I'd share.

What do you guys do when a great moment happens to you? Do you rush to share it online? What if there is a group of people sharing the same moment? For example; When you are at a birthday party with a group of friends it is sometimes fun to share the occassion with your Facebook friends- spread the joy, right? What if it is a children's party? Is it OK to share then? Do parents care if their child is on the Internet without their permission? Or, what if it is a personal moment like an engagement or birth?

I'm excited to just have found out I am an aunt as of yesterday! The first time I saw the baby was on Facebook. It is such a joyful moment and I'm so lucky and happy to be a part of this new beginning, but I was a little sad my first moment of joy wasn't shared in person. This world of technology opens up amazing possibilities. I hope people can find positive ways to navigate these new learning curves that pop up with each special moment.

ps: The above photo is a shot I grabbed from Facebook and dragged into my blog. This is my little one as Wonder Woman discovering the quantum theory (ha!). But.... maybe almost anyone can use your photos from your Facebook account...just one more conversation to consider before posting! Cheers to using social media consciously!

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