New TIME 9:30AM est Party Girl to air on TLC Saturday, July 29th

Exciting news! "Party Girl", my how-to event planning show, will air on TLC Saturday, JULY 29th at 9:30AM eastern/8:30AM central. It usually airs on digital cable channel Discovery Home. This is a test run to see if the show does well on TLC. Please tune in or TIVO.

This episode features a housewarming party for Victoria Recano and Tom Burwell. Victoria is a host of the show THE INSIDER. She goes behind the scenes to report to you on the latest trends and celebrity news from an insider's perspective. Flowers for this episode are from Lily Lodge by Ariana Lambert (photo LtoR Ariana, Victoria, Cathy)

The Learning Channel (TLC) Saturday, July 29th 9:30AM eastern.

"Party Girl" on Discovery Home Show Schedule

Set your TIVO or DVR's. Saturday, July 15th at 8pm is the first show of our second season. The "Housewarming" episode, of "Party Girl hosted by Cathy Riva" airs on Discovery Home or as an IN DEMAND Channel on Digital Cable. It re-runs Saturday at 11pm, Sunday at 8am, 11am and 3pm (eastern time) also. The show is produced by City Lights based in NYC. TUNE IN and let me know what you think.

Discovery Home sometimes skips Saturday's but these are the run dates I have for now:

July 15th “Housewarming Party with Victoria Recano”
July 22nd "Beach Party with Vanessa Delmuro”
July 29th “Fire & Ice Party with Heidi and Heather Lee”
August 5th “ Murder Mystery”
August 12th* “Southern Party with Jeff Long, Jane Cunningham and Angela Stallings” * this might not air until Sept 9 (TBD Discovery Programming)
August 19th “Spa Party with Stephanie Sherga”
August 26th "Baby Shower with Kelly Anderson”
September 2nd "Dog Party"
September 16th “Chinese New Year with Grace Chao”
September 23rd “Breakfast at Tiffany's Capote Book Party”

Keep your TIVO’s and DVR’s on record as Discovery sometimes changes dates!! If that happens and I find out I’ll let you know asap and I apologize for them in advance!!

July 4th Weekend and summer events!

Hi! I hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July. I know I attended many events, bbq's and had fun with family!

Here are some summer tips for the post Fourth of July weekend bbq.

Summer Fun-
If you have upcoming parties to celebrate and plan, I recommend keeping it simple. To beat the summer heat you want things as uncomplicated as possible. Plan as much as you can in advance. What are your party objectives? How much can you spend? What is the age range of your guests?

Some easy tips to wow your guests without breaking the bank: Keep the decor one main color. If your favorite summer color is yellow, then use a yellow cloth, yellow plates and yellow cups. You can find beautiful yellow and white flowers for a centerpiece or top a serving plate or bowl with a large green palm leaf or other large green leaves and use a few lemons and limes as your centerpiece. Its nice to add one accent color, so flip through catalogs like pottery barn's summer sale or VIVRE and find a color scheme that you like best and model your dining table and serving table around your favorite colors.

For parties with adult guests, it's wonderful to have a bar. Pick a few fun mixers like pomegranate juice, seltzer, tonic, lemonade and add your favorite liquor (try ZIMA's new Hard Punch or Black Cherry for a yummy new drink). Garnish with an unexpected fruit that follows the theme of your decor- raspberries, blueberries, mint, mango are all wonderful and if you use lemon or lime wedges take a zester (a bar tool like a grater with one hole) and shave stripes on their peel.

Another great, refreshing beverage in the summer is fresh lemonade with muddled mint and strawberries- super fabulous!

Ok, I'd now like to hear from you? What tips do you need? Or what are your favorite party tricks?

And, the new season of "PARTY GIRL", my how-to event planning show on Discovery Home, debuts Saturday, July 15th at 8pm and airs Sunday, July 16th at 8am, 11am and 3pm. This is a digital cable channel or you can find the show on IN DEMAND.

Hope to hear from you soon!