Summer Birthday Card/Gift Idea

You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your parents proud! In fact, for a recent birthday gift to my mother-in-law, my daughter and I created a fun family card that doubles as a gift she can display. We designed a homemade accordion card using 5x7 photos. We chose a photo of my husband and his mom when they were toddlers and I added photos of my daughter who is two. We used double stick tape and poster board, which I just folded accordion style at the edge of each 5x7 photo. My husband came up with the clever sayings that matched the photos. For the front; the line reads "You are one cool birthday girl" and the back card reads "Setting the bar high for generations to follow". We developed the photos at CVS and you can add type on the photos in the store. It cost about $9.00 for the 5- 5x7 pictures. Voila we made a thoughtful gift and it can be displayed in her office for all of her friends to see. I hope this can inspire you to create something meaningful as a gift for someone you love.