Baby Shower Decor Ideas

I sit here typing this with my own 22-month-old in my lap and, honestly, babies are such fun! The best way to celebrate an upcoming birth is with an affordable, creative party. My own baby shower was co-ed, thrown by a team of friends led by Elayne Duke, and it was one of the most fabulous parties I had attended! I keep that feeling in mind as a guest for every bash I create. Recently, I was hired by Hot Moms Club to help design a baby shower for Charlie and Brook Sheen in LA. Whether you have a small budget or big, my tips below still remain the same.

The most important ingredient to any party is great, happy guests. For a baby shower its the best time for your friends and family to shower you and you husband with LOVE! I recommend choosing a cost effective location, such as someone' home or outdoor area. To create color and set the theme fill apothecary jars or candy jars full of jelly beans, Jordan almonds, and fun colored candy from Oriental Trading and Economy Candy. I found amazing table cloths to rent online at Total Table. Accent with rental chairs in this fruit wood brown. Add your ipod music with some Motown mellow grooves and voila you have simple effective decor for your next family party.

For more photos check out US Weekly the March 14 issue and coming soon, the May issue of Pregnancy Magazine!