Rainy Day Fun

Today in New York City it was a very rainy day. The kind of rain that soaks through your raincoat and whips past your umbrella. I know because I walked in it for an hour with my two-year-old.

To avoid the day being a complete washout we created a fun, indoor activity that would make both of us happy! I must give credit to my friend Jen Macaluso-Gilmore for the inspiration for our arts and crafts extravaganza.

When you have a small space sometimes you have to re purpose items, so I transformed my NYC convertible coffee table into a large drawing area. here are photos of my activity for this Rainy Day Friday!

I used craft paper to cover my table- one roll was about $2.50 at my local drug store
Crayola new washable kids' paint- the 6 pack was 4.99
Crayola washable markers (I already own)
Colored pencils (I already own)
and assorted crayons

For less $8 dollars we had an afternoon of fun.