Fun brunch ideas

I love the idea of a full menu for brunch. You'll have the basics of course, like eggs, bacon and toast. To spice it up a bit I recommend adding a full station of "make your own pancakes" add toppings like whipped cream, nuts, fresh berries, chocolate chips, different flavors of maple syrup etc...
And, my favorite brunch item is mini burgers. They are a fun addition and super yummy. Take a regular hamburger patty and a round water glass from your kitchen and press it into the meat for the right small size. To find the perfect size bun you can use dinner rolls or online order from Martin's rolls
1 1/4 pounds ground sirloin
2 tablespoons steak sauce (a-1 or bbq sauce)
10 soft dinner rolls, split
4-plum tomatos
Sandwich sliced pickles

Keep it simple. Brunch is relaxed and casual. One great flower arrangement in the center of the table can really dress it up any party. Stick to one type of flower, like all sunflowers or lilly's.
Use cool plates from Williams Sonoma and serve your juices out of really fun decantor's. If you choose to go disposable, the oriental trading company has some fun plates and cups to choose from.

*Cocktails/ Drinks
They make reallly fun size mini champange splits in four and six packs. Add a straw and you are set.
Sofia Coppola also has a great mini champange that adds a dash of celebrity feel to your fun morning check them out at
Mango mohitos are also super yummy. All you need is soda water, simple syrup, fresh mint, a white mango rum with a mango garnish.
Tea and coffee should also be served. If you have access to a machine to make espresso, that's a nice touch also.
Lemonade, sparkling water and strawberry juice is also really refreshing with a sprig of fresh mint as a garnish.

Good luck with your brunch and enjoy!

Response to Jane in Montclair- Party Girl taping info

Hi Jane from Montclair, NJ,

My show often tapes in the New York tri-state area. We also have done shows in Los Angeles and Miami. Please feel free to email me show ideas. We usually begin taping in the late fall. I'm not sure if Party Girl will be renewed by Discovery for a third season, but if it does we will need lots of party's to help plan. You can email me at too.

Thank you!