GOAL! World Cup inspired Soccer Birthday Party for kids

I recently held a Soccer Birthday Party for my daughter's third birthday. This is a great idea for children ages three-seven years. 32 soccer whistles, 21 children, 19 soccer jerseys, six soccer balls, lots of bubbles, and one amazing face painter equals a fun party for all. The day was planned to be simple and enjoyable for all; lunch, soccer, face painting and birthday cupcakes.
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The Hot Mom to Be Handbook

The Hot Mom to Be Handbook is an awesome book, not just for expecting mothers, but for anyone who has kids. The author, Jessica Denay, is a charming, witty and wonderful woman, who writes about life as a mom. One story she shares is from Elyse Wilk who happened to be 20-years-old and still in college when she had her baby. Instead of making lemons, she truly made the best lemonade ever. There are also great quotes sprinkled throughout the book, one of my favorites is " The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new".-- Rajneesh.

Her previous book "The Hot Mom's Handbook" is hugely successful and her company's website are amazing. She is a true dynamo. This new book is a pleasure to read, and if you are having a baby it is filled with amazing tips and treats you'll love. Chapters include fun tips for Dad's too.

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