Planning a Hurricane Party? And, Weather Sites for Kids...

If you live in the northeast United States right now then perhaps you are gearing up for Hurricane Irene.

The devastation of hurricanes is nothing to be taken lightly. As a child, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico in Mobile, Alabama, we often had hurricanes during the summer and fall months. My mom, a teacher, would remove a little of the "scare factor" by making hurricane preparations a "party". The family would all get together in one home and work together to make the house safe and supplied. When I was a little girl I enjoyed this process of coming together. I never dreamed in moving to NYC I'd have the opportunity to do this type of planning with my own little girl. Hurricane Irene will probably not be a full hurricane when it reaches New York, but I think it is best to be over prepared. Here are a few terrific websites for kids that explain weather, hurricanes and how to prep your home to be safe in almost any natural disaster.

Scholastic Weather for Kids (this site has an interactive weather maker)

Weather Wiz Kids (created by meteorologist Crystal Wicker)

I hope everyone has a safe weekend.

Balloons for your birthday!

I love these balloon ideas from an old Martha Stewart post!

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 17 2005
Invite a few lofty friends to your bash. Some may say this bear, chick, and pig have inflated egos; that's probably because they're helium-filled balloons.

Cut features and legs out of tissue paper, which won't weigh down balloons; cut ears out of a lightweight paper that won't flop, such as vellum. Affix with double-sided tape (ears should have tabs). Click here for more Animal Party ideas.