Alleviate Your Party Stress!

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting author Nina Smiley. She wrote a book called "The Three Minute Meditator". Wow, I'd like to give this out as my gift to anyone planning a party as it WORKS and is so helpful. The key tips are when you are stressed- Try to step away from the situation. Focus your attention on your breath. Then, identify the types of thoughts you are having happy thoughts, fear thoughts, angry thoughts and then release them and relax. Yes this take practice, but boy oh boy does it improve your life and party planning skills!

ps it was also my in-law's 45th wedding anniversary -they are featured in this photo-kudos to them!

My Philosophy on Successful Events

Events are the most wonderful things to plan, as usually they are all about celebrating happiness. When I begin to plan an event- big or small- I like to do a few key things to make sure everyone has the ultimate joy.

1. Identify the event objectives and intentions.
2. Create a budget (even for home events this is helpful).
3. Make a timeline and share with everyone participating. Outline each person's role in the steps to ensure the best communication.
4. Communication, Communication, Communication. At every step make sure everyone is aware of your activities, goals and outcomes. 
5. Add in your (the event planner or host) thoughtfulness and creativity.

For examples of above and more information:
I will be guest speaking at UCLA in Mark Stern's Professional Selling: A Practical Approach- in Los Angeles February 26th -

And, teaching a four hour "How to become an Event Planner" course at SUNY Ulster in Kingston, NY  March 29th -
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