Fall Check List for Entertaining with Families

Hi guys! It's almost holiday time and I am so excited! I love celebrating Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas with my family in New York and in Mobile. Actually my in-laws came up with a new holiday Thanks-annukah, which combines Thanksgiving and Hannukah together. Its the only time the entire family comes in to town and sits down at one big meal. This year will be especially exciting as it's the first year my 17 month old will join us for the feast. My Christmas celebrations take place down South, and that's a whole different world of entertaining. So since I was just preparing myself for the upcoming celebrations I thought I'd share my preparations with you!

First, I pack up all of my spring and summer items -ugh my least favorite thing. Then I start thinking about what I want to do for the next upcoming season of events. I think for fall I'm going to jazz up my traditional brown and orange theme with accents of gold. I'll probably also use gold and white this December too.

I turn to some trusty sources to refresh my staples like:
Mashed potato smasher- Sur la Table has a great one.
This year I'm trying out a new three tier oven trey (and this makes a great hostess gift if you are dining as a guest) -Sur la Table also.
Wilton's mini pumpkin mold is a great thing if you love pumpkin as much as I do!
Bed, Bath and Beyond has a good selection of chargers- I use the dollar plastic ones, this year in gold. They also carry a variety of table cloths.
I'm still working on my centerpiece ideas, but maybe fresh fruit crystallized with gold sugar or a bouquet of leaves.
I'm obsessed with cheese this month. Check out www.artisanalcheese.com for some great ideas on serving cheese, as with anything presentation is key!
For the kids table, find an age appropriate activity that everyone can enjoy. I personally like giving all the kids aprons and letting them make their own fun at the table. More details to follow.

Ok, I'll add more to the check list as I continue to plan my own holiday adventures!