Today Show Holiday Tips

Holiday Party for 20 people for $220

WinterWonderland Chocolate Party

Here are the details so you can use my Today Show Holiday Ideas

The Table: The round centerpieces are called Topiary's and they are styrofoam globes covered in crepe paper flowers and pipe cleaners along with silver balls from the dollar store.

I used candlesticks from the dollar store and containers from the container store for the fondue holders.

The cupcake holder in the center was a styrofoam tree covered in paper flowers and tree twigs spray painted white (or you could buy them buy the bunch at a craft store)

The bar: I made Chocolate Soufle-tini's from and hot chocolate.

The Menu:
Devil's Food Cupcakes with edible glitter and a peppermint round
Chocolate Bundt cakes wrapped in ribbon
Fudge brownies wrapped in ribbon
Dark Chocolate fondue with rice crispy treats, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, dried orange slices, oreo's and graham crackers.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy.
ps the red coat is from LUCA LUCA and the pin is from Rita Tessolin Designs