A celebration of the history of cocktails

Last night I had the pleasure of a NYC night out on the town with my friend and mixologist Elayne Duke to celebrate the 75th year of the repeal of Prohibition, also our 21st amendment of the Constitution.

We began at Devin Tavern on Greenwich street. I had the honor of meeting Jill DeGroff, an amazing artist and wife of the legendary cocktail creator Dale DeGroff. Above are some images from her Cocktaillian Calendar. I was lucky to have my friend Simon Ford and new acquaintance, Brian Van Flanderan, autograph the libatious creation too. You can catch them on the new reality show "On the Rocks". And, if you have never been to Tales of the Cocktail, a week long festival, July 8-12th, in New Orleans, celebrating the history and culture of cocktails- don't miss it!