Gratitude List, Family First

I was a busy lady last week and could not have pulled off my super-human efforts without a ton of help. Thank you to my husband and my in-laws for watching Riley while I was in Los Angeles. My team who helped me design and lay out all of the decor for Hot Moms Charlie and Brooke Sheen's baby shower deserve a standing ovation. Sisi Soestrisno and Berly Ellis are two of the most talented, hard working women who I love dearly.

It was wonderful to work with Natalie Klein and Jessica Denay of the Hot Moms Club too. I also had the pleasure of meeting a top notch team of west-coast caterer's Paola and Craig Petrella from Two Peas and Samantha Barnes from the Kitchen Kid. Total Table and Classic Party Rentals also rock!

One of my dear friends had a baby girl, Sunday, while I was in town, so I got to meet Maximilliane! Congratulations Vic & Tom. And, a big shout out to Nick and Jerianne for their generous hospitality, too.

I had such a wonderful weekend in Los Angeles that was topped off by an unusually pleasant airport experience. I'd like to thank the Delta Airlines Staff, the porter, Kamal, who has a baby about 2-years-old, JP the manager and the wonderful woman behind the counter who found me a first class seat on the first flight back to NYC!

Photos from the event are coming soon! And, send me what you are grateful for in your life!