David Stark's Inventive Event Idea...Post-Its

Tonight I had the honor of accompanying my friend and colleague Selda Bensusan, of DeBeers, to the New Yorkers for Children benefit in NYC. This benefit raises money to support and educate the 17,000+ foster children living in New York. David Stark was again the event designer. He is famous for his inventive ideas and creative masterpieces disguised as events. Tonight he and his team did a spectacular job. The slogan of the evening was MAKE IT HAPPEN. As you can see by the photos. The New Yorkers for Children's event did just that. David Stark re-purposed Post-Its as event decor. He created a MAKE IT HAPPEN tree in Cipriani's famous Bellini Bar and adorned walls with the slogan, all made out of Post-Its. Bravo. I've been inspired to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Thank you Selda for including me in the festivities.