Fourth of July Party Table and Tips (set-up)

Here are a few of my suggestions for a festive and fun Fourth of July BBQ this year! I hope you enjoy, relax and connect with your family and friends this summer.
My next post will have the info for where you can view the finished decor online or on a TV channel near you!


It is the Fourth of July, so planning a color scheme is pretty much a no brainier right? Red, white and blue all the way…

My number one tip with décor and color, choose one main color and then sprinkle in a few accent colors. This monochromatic color scheme really unifies your theme and is soothing to the eye. Here I used blue as my main color and accented with red and white.

I used a water resistant blue and white tablecloth from Target. It originally had orange fish, in the design too, but to stick with our patriotic theme, we found red star stickers to cover them up;. The festive glasses are from Pier 1.

Incorporate your food into your décor too, by plating it on all white or clear platters. Add a few American Flags into your flatware holder; I, also, found some American Flag pinwheels that look nice in a tall clear vase. I love Hydrangea’s and their white color accents the table beautifully. This leads to my next tip: Shop at home.

I highly recommend saving money by shopping at home. Use things you already have on hand. If you have flowers in your garden, use those, then fill in with inexpensive melamine or plastic wear, plus dollar store décor for fun accents and right now all fourth of July décor is on sale everywhere!



Start by setting up a D-I-Y bar …you don’t have to stock an expensive bar…I like to mix up pitchers of margaritas using Sauza tequila. It’s so easy and affordable. You can make fresh-tasting margaritas with a few simple ingredients…frozen limeade, light beer, tequila, water, and ice. No blender necessary! Add fresh lime slices in the pitcher for an added visual splash!

Another tasty and patriotic color drink is my Rock Out Raspberry Margarita
Enjoy the refreshing taste of raspberries with this delicious cocktail. It is a sweet addition to you summer BBQ.
1 can of frozen limeade
1 bottle of light beer
2/3 can of Sauza Blanco tequila
1/3 can of Dekuyper raspberry liqueur
1 can of water
Pour limeade into pitcher with ice. Fill limeade can with Sauza Blanco and Dekuyper raspberry liqueur pour into pitcher. Fill limeade can with water pour into pitcher. Add fresh raspberries. Stir and enjoy. Makes 9 servings. Drink responsibly.
Pour them into gorgeous pitchers and use any glassware. Also stock your D-I-Y bar with colorful sugars and salts to rim glasses, and other great garnishes. I found these blue star bowls at Target on clearance. They are great for holding fresh raspberries and other garnishes.

Also, have plenty of other beverages on hand for guests that don’t drink. And, don’t forget the ICE.


For the food, serve it family style---use big, white or clear platters and keep the menu simple. Here I’ve cooked up some inside out burgers, mesquite chicken, and yummy side dishes.

4-inside out burgers - 4 big Kaiser rolls
Shape ground beef into patties. I season my organic 1 and half pounds of meat with a little garlic salt, pepper and a few shakes of A-1. You will need a top patty and a bottom patty. In the center of the bottom patty add your favorite burger ingredients. I like cheddar cheese, red or green peppers, and onions. Place top patty onto bottom patty with ingredients. Pinch sides closed gently. Drizzle with oil or butter. Place on grill.

6 breasts-honey lime mesquite chicken

Mesquite wood as firewood burns slowly and very hot. When used to barbecue, the smoke from the wood adds a distinct flavor to the food. This is common in the southwest and Texas-style barbecues,
I love this slow cook grilling method, but you can also make your own special marinade.

Serves 4 (change servings and units)
1/2 cup honey
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup lime juice
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1mix first three ingredients in a plastic bag or shallow dish.
2marinate chicken at least 45 minutes before grilling or baking.

Hot dogs and buns
Slice open jumbo hot dogs; and add cheese and ketchup, bake or grill on top rack. Yum.

Use grilled vegetables as garnish on plates, such as red peppers and onions.

Red and white cabbage cole slaw
Corn bread in a small cast iron pan


I like to add a conversation piece to all my parties. Check these out -- funny fly swatters that are made from inexpensive flip-flops. These can also serve as a great center piece in lieu of flowers… also make sure you have good tunes…create a summer sound track with a mix of songs so everyone get a taste of what they like!

For these tips and more great drink recipes click on FACEBOOK.COM/SAUZAMARGARITAS

Let me know what your plans are for this Fourth!