The Royal Event

Prince William and soon-to-be Princess, Kate Middleton, are not the only one's celebrating a royal event. We tore a page out of the princess book and created a magical birthday for a few 4-year-olds worthy of the Queen.

I just recently read "Cinderella Ate My Daughter" and can really relate to the title, as I have a wonderful 4-year-old daughter who loves all things princess. This year we decided to create a party that incorporated a princess theme (at my daughter's insistence) and also a little more equally balanced for the boys. So thus was born the Royal Magical Birthday Party. We hired the Amazing Max and his partner Princess Snow White as a face painter.

We served royal items such as princess and prince water. These labels were made from card stock and attached with double stick poster tape squares. We used magical apples in the decor, as a nod to snow white, and all the kids took them home in their goody bags.

Finding food that is healthy and kid friendly is always a fun challenge for me. This year we had platters of veggies and dip, assorted seasonal fruit and guacamole made by the kids. My mom also made pigs n a blanket, which were a real crowd pleaser.

My little one requested a strawberry castle cake. This one above was made from a sand castle mold and was the hit of the party!

Thank you to everyone who helped and attended! It was a fairy tale perfect party.

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