Grooving Backstage with the Imagination Movers

Above: Riley, Tyler, Scott, Cathy, Jennifer, Reese, Dave

The Imagination Movers rock! Seriously, the show has some fun, original dance tunes. This past Wednesday, July 11, at Sesame Place we had the pleasure of grooving with the Movers and sitting with them for a little insider info. Scott and Dave are in the photo above.

The "Imagination Movers" is a show on Disney Junior, where 4 guys, Dave, Rich, Scott, Smitty and Warehouse Mouse, use their imagination to solve problems. It is great for our music loving family, because we all enjoy it. When my little one was born 5 years ago my husband and I really wanted to incorporate music into our daily lives. I started evening dance party when she was about 6 months old. Marc and I would play our favorite tunes, dance and shake out the day. Now that she's older we don't always get to have our evening party, but Riley has taken up the torch herself and dances to these guys songs.
                                          Photo credit: Tyler Gilmore (age 5) with photo assistant Riley Bloomgarden (also age 5)

We sat down with Dave and Scott (above) and asked a few pressing questions about the show:

Q (from Riley, age 5) Why is there sometimes grey smoke and sometimes white smoke on the show?
A (from Dave and Scott) Because they decided to change some of the things from season 1 to season 2. They added white smoke instead of grey and the smoke also now surrounds the Imagination Movers when their imagination is working out the problem.

Q (from Jennifer, Mom) Which do you like better live performances or the show:
A (from Dave and Scott) Both! The live performances really fuel the show, because we write all of the music ourselves and to play it live, with an audience, is part of the creative process and makes the show even better.

Q (from Cathy, Mom) What inspired you to create Imagination Movers?
A (from Dave and Scott) We all have families and some of the messages in popular music are not geared to kids. We write music that we enjoy, but that is also age appropriate for children. Our songs have meaning and positive messages that hopefully encourage creativity. We wanted to make something that both kids and adults would enjoy too.

Scott also mentioned before he was in the band he was a teacher. Once of the things that inspired him to write and perform music was to encourage movement in the body and brain. As we danced around Sesame Place I'd say job well done!

Thank you Imagination Movers and especially Dave and Scott for your time and for adding a ton of creative energy into our daily lives. If you can catch the Imagination Movers either on TV or Live, they are awesome. Let me know what you think!