Celebrate FUN!

Somehow in my busy schedule I forgot about fun. I mean real Fun. Spontaneous Fun. Fun with the man I'm married to. Fun where I'm dancing down the hall. Fun where I run to where I need to be in excitement. Fun that is not results driven-but maybe that's where we obtain the best results- fun. In this busy world how do we just stop and get back to that feeling of FUN? Between the babysitters, childrens' schedules, tiny spaces, overcrowded brain... I'm working on it. Does anyone else feel this way?
Let's try this:
Step 1. Do something impromptu with no expectations!
Step 2. Include a special person(s) in your life in the above moment.
Step 3. Breathe and laugh out loud.

I want to open up a school of FUN. Shall we? Let's meditate on it.