Heart doesn't come without ART.

On the first day of spring 2013 (today) I set a goal for myself. I have over 1000 event photos from past parties and I am pairing them with messages of meaning. I'm looking to create, for myself, a modern version of story telling. I hope you will join me on my upcoming year-long CELEBRATE EVERY DAY trial and error attempt on how I try to find something to enjoy in the present.

So, on this first day of my new story telling...HeART doesn't come without ART. I'd like to thank my mom for giving me the art of celebration as a theme of our life. In Mobile, Alabama, we did not have a lot, but man she could whip up a good kids party. I had the best coconut covered bunny cake ever (pictured below at a Hardee's birthday party when I was 6).

I now have been a party planner based in New York City for over 10 years, and I now hope to inspire you to add fun back into your every day. So cheers to my school of fun, celebrate everyday, live in the present adventure! Whoosh. And, we are off.... I'd love to hear from you. Facebook me at my Cathy Riva at Riva Events or catch me on Twitter @CathyRiva.