The Era of Women... Lean In!

If the Mayans are right and 2012 dawns the Era of Women (and I think they are) then what does that mean for our society and world? Well I think we should follow Sheryl Sandberg's advice "Lean In".

The following is an excerpt from a huff po article by Birute Regine author of the book Iron Butterflies: Women Transforming Themselves and the World:
     "The late Congresswoman Bella Abzug predicted that in the 21st century, power would not change women, women would change the nature of power. This is what I found in my research on women leaders. Women are changing the nature of power from power over to power with and for others. In this way, they are midwifing a new era of collaboration and cooperation, what I call a revolution hidden in plain sight. So, back to my prediction. It is my prediction that this revolution hidden in plain sight will become visible in 2012. For the past decade I have been watching women learn to collaborate and support each other in a way they have never done before -- it is revolutionary. Like smoldering coals, their behind-the-scenes work is ready to catch fire. At all levels we will see women taking their place as leaders, within organizations, as entrepreneurs, in politics. As they transform the nature of power, they transform the nature of leadership."
I, Cathy Riva, believe this to be true. Women are changing the nature of power.  In this new era both men and women will be respected and honored. I'd like to be a part of the change in the way we teach our children. Sheryl Sandberg make a compelling request to Lean In. I think that means to support and love one another more, both men and women and children.
I think Dina Kaplan, Sheryl Sandberg, Birute Regine, Margaret Nichols, Jennifer Gilmore, Anita Devlin, and so many others, are leading the charge for a more compassionate world. I am so excited to be a part of this new era and I look forward to doing my part to LEAN IN! Want to Lean In with me?