Grin and Berry It People!

Good morning! Today is the day before our HUGE 6th birthday Riley Rockstar Music Video Party! I need a little creative juice to keep my energy up! My favorite juices are:
The Ruby Red
 2 Beets
2 cups Pineapple
1 Apple
and sometimes ginger
add a little water (a shot glass full)
shake over ice and pour- serves 3

The Green Machine
 1/2 a bunch Spinach (has to be fresh not in a box, it yields more)
1/2 a bunch Parsley (to taste. I like a lot)
10- leaves Mint
1- Apple
1- Lemon
muddled tarragon (optional)
Muddle fresh tarragon into a shaker. Squeeze the lemon over it. Add ice. Pour the green juice in. Shake. Pour- serves 3