Three Everyday Family Activities Turned Into Celebrations!

Celebrate Living!

Activity to transform: rainy day lunch
Transformation: Indoor picnic- take an old sheet and place it in your living room, or move your dining room table out of the way, and transform your indoor space into a fun, outdoor picnic. Serve finger foods like funny monster shaped sandwiches, veggie booty, ants on a log, and carrot sticks with guacamole dip. For dessert, pile blueberries and strawberries in mini filo dough baskets.

Activity to transform: exercise with kids
Transformation: Dance Party- choose a time to stop everything and put on music that will make you and your little ones move. I have a two year old and my family playlist includes favorites such as Jack Johnson, Beyonce, Reggae Randi, and Lori Berkner.

Activity to transform: laundry
Transformation: the Great Laundry Adventure- inspire your children to help out with chores like folding clothes, by turning them into stories. This weekend Riley and I went on a Great Sock Adventure. She helped me find all the matching socks from the laundry and mate them. We had a blast. She tried on all of mom and dad's socks and laughed her head off. It took a little longer yes, but seriously I felt so great from our laughing I wanted to find other fun ways to do laundry!