Backwards Birthday Idea

Start the party in your PJ’s. Guests get a wake up call to arrive for this early party. And, you don't have to actually sleep over. I suggest a 10am beginning, so you can end by 1pm!
On your special day, have your cake and eat it too--first! This is a chocolate butterfly pudding cake (recipe compliments of Susan Howard, my down south aunt) It is a Devils Food Cake Mix Box –1 cup water, half a cup oil and add a small package of instant chocolate pudding. It makes the cake very moist. Here I'm serving it with mini puddings and whipped cream. It is a great way to start your day once a year:)
For our mini moguls we have some fun activities like “decorate your own airplane” or “make your own rocket”. These are environmentally friendly cardboard toys you can put together then personalize just for you. Sisi, my designer, painted the airplane, I have stickers for the rocket. You can find these items at cardboard or at giggle in NYC. Anytime you can encourage a child to create or express themselves with art it empowers them and helps their self esteem.
What would a reverse sleepover be without pillows? So, I have a few pillow cases some glitter, felt, fabric glue, stencils, and fabric markers for everyone to make their own personalized pillowcase. No snoozers here at this party!
The movie of the day is... (choose your child's favorite) and everyone gets gourmet popcorn. I have truffle oil, chocolate, Italian, Parmesan cheese, and nacho cheddar. Something for everyone!
And, last but not least, we will end the day with a mini breakfast pizza. I’ve taken frozen mini pizzas baked them with potatoes, eggs and bacon bits and a little extra cheddar cheese for a yummy way to finish off this backwards day:)

This was shown on NBC's LX TV Live on their Mommy Monday section.

Let me know your favorite children's birthday ideas!