Party like an Oscar nominee with these "INSIDER" OSCAR Party tips (Part 1 of 4)

Here are some “official” Oscar tips from the party pros who plan Oscar Night. And, check back to this blog for my three "Party-to-go" ideas using themes based on the Best Picture Nominees; Avatar, The Blind Side and Up In The Air, so you can have your own fabulous bash. See video here.

This year the florals for the official Oscar after party, The Governor’s Ball, are all shades of purple. Cool water lavender roses- Deep purple calla lilies- Purple Orchids. You can substitute that look at home with purple hyacinth and tulips.

Maybe you don't have an invite to the Vanity Fair party, but who says you can’t have the inside scoop? You can sip at home like the celebrities with the official Oscar cocktail and Moet and Chandon champagne featured at this HOT post-Oscar bash.

The Moet and Chandon Golden Glamour
4oz Moet Imperial
.25oz Navan
1.5oz Passion Fruit Juice
Served in a coupe or Martini Glass with sprig of mint has a fantastic website with some at home tips too:
Hosts print you’re your Oscar ballots from the official party site
I recommend printing on nice card stock and having plenty of pens around for your guests!

Wolfgang Puck is the official caterer of the OSCARS and he has some tasty recipes he’ll serve the celebs Sunday. I tried out the Smoked Salmon Bilini's and added my own twist. If you are tight on time you can subsitute home made Bilini's with frozen ones or frozen perogies. It is all about presentation. I chose to serve mine on blue polished sea glass and square Hoya Crystal plates.

The best gift to bring to an Oscar Party, this year, is the Moet Party Pack. Created just for the Oscars, it is four mini Moet Imperials, 4 toppers (you can drink right from their cleaverly provided topper, no glass needed). No mess party planning may not exactly be a celebrity tip, but is sure is one of mine!

Stay online as my Avatar Inspired Party Ideas are next, tomorrow.

And, tune in. You can watch the Riva Events OSCAR Party E! News Segment at 7:00PM Eastern March 3, 2010