Mooooove on down to Moomah Cafe a new, hip, kid restaurant and art center in New York City

Moomah Cafe is my discovery of the week. Thanks to my new, talented friend, Lara Paul, who created a really helpful i phone app called ikidny, that allows you to find any NYC kid friendly spot (including subways with elevators), I found a wonderful, inventive restaurant for my daughter and me on this rainy Tuesday in New York City.

Moomah is a delight for adults and children. The cafe features kid friendly foods like the Froggy Dipper and the seasonal Super Tryer. The Froggy Dipper is guacamole decorated as a frog face and served with blue corn tortilla chips. The Super Tryer features any 6 awesome offerings such as: chicken, cheddar cheese, Greek yogurt, cucumbers, dates, apples, bananas... the list goes on and on.

In addition to being a cafe, it is also a great spot to do arts and crafts. You can choose from a variety of art offerings to create at their mini art stations. Riley liked making the placemat and tiger out of construction paper! Next time we go back we'll find out more about the name Moomah too. Riley and I did buy a small cow, and now its name is Moomah...

My favorite part was the high tech Funky Forrest! Every Friday and Saturday kids can learn about how to make a forest grow by actually doing it themselves via a giant computer projected wall that responds to heat and movement. Kids have to water the trees to make them grow. The cool water, which is actually light projected onto the floor, actually moves when kids scoop it towards the tree roots. This is super high tech and LOADS of fun!

Moomah Cafe is located at 161 Hudson in New York City. It is open 7 days a week and the hours are online. I recommended mooooving it to the top of your NYC to-do list!